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App of the Month - MileCatcher

Just over a year ago I was sat in my office filling in my mileage claim in my usual spreadsheet like many sole traders do. Because I hadn't kept up to date with it, there were quite a few weeks that I had to go back over in my diary and check where I had gone in my car relating to my business  - What a drag!

Then, in walked one of my suppliers and as usual we chatted about business and what was going well and 'not so well'. I mentioned the dreaded mileage claim I was in the process of doing and he showed me his phone and said "you need one of these" - "I've got a phone thanks, but how does that help me?", I replied.  "No, you need one of these.." and then showed me the MileCatcher app.  

As luck would have it, he hadn't done his mileage for a few days either, so proceeded to open the app and a map appeared on his screen with a squiggly line on it - this is the journey to your office he said, so I'll just press the briefcase and classify it as a business trip - that was it - done.  He'd not had to write anything down, not had to go to Google Maps or AA Travel Route to find the route and distance he had travelled, he'd not even pressed any buttons to start the trip, he'd just got into his car and driven over to my office.

Well as you can imagine I was straight onto the Play Store to download the app, which took me all of 5 minutes to set up with my car make and model, what my business 'general' working hours were and how much how I would be claiming per mile. 

 For the first few days I was checking it all the time, now I just check once a week and classify all the trips in one go, but because I was preparing to do a blog, I looked at their website and found that I could classify them on my new Smartwatch (you can tell I'm a shiny object magpie can't you) - just got to work out how to do that now too!

Reports Galore

Every week I can have a weekly report sent to my email address and I can enter this as an expense on my 'Expense' account in Quickbooks Online and the report is attached to the expense so that there is a full audit trail - everyone is happy.

There are 3 options to subscription 

Free Forever
This allows you to classify Business or Personal Mileage and to send reports to yourself to forward on to the accounts department and is ample for anyone who does general mileage.

Premium Version
However, if you want a few more bells and whistles then you can go for Premium Version - more than worth the money in my opinion, this is where you can go deeper into how you travel for business, clients, suppliers, networking etc, you can even put all of your clients in if you have to send them a mileage claim.  You can also add in parking tickets and any toll charges incurred on that trip.

Trips can be filtered by week/month/quarter/year/type of trips.

You'll never have to write down the odemeter reading ever again - how many hours will that save you a month?  Your Accountant will love you because everything is straight forward and your bookkeeper can even be granted admin access to your account to ensure that all of the reports are downloaded and entered into your accounts ready for the accountant.

Team Subscriptions
Lastly but by no means least you can have a team subscription or company subscription which is administered by the lovely person in accounts who deals with the Expense Claims.

To find out more......

Click here to go to MileCatcher


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