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What are you resisting?

A few weeks ago at the beginning of February and every month for that matter, it can be very stressful with work and so I decided to make time for myself on my birthday – I had planned this along with my amazing mentor a couple of weeks before when I explained that I never found time for ME.  She encouraged me to think of the things I enjoyed doing and what I needed to do in order to decrease the feeling of not being in control and not being good enough.  I knew that I needed more exercise and so it was planned that my husband would come with me and we would drive locally to go for a walk at Cannon Hall, a favourite place of ours when the children were smaller, they are all grown up now and flown the nest.

The morning came and the temperature outside was below freezing, I really didn’t want to go outside and get cold, it was lovely and warm in my home office and going out just wasn’t what I wanted to do, however, my husband had other ideas and made us both a coffee in a thermos mug each and off we set.

It was quite busy when we got to the car park – but not over busy and plenty of space to pass any people walking the other way without encroaching our 2 metre rule.  We set off down by the lake and saw all the white ducks and the black neck geese on the lake, as we went further the ducks were gathered on the grass on the other side of the lake to us – obviously too cold even for ducks. We carried on a bit further, the wind was icy cold, not strong, but our faces were aching from the cold, we had wrapped up really warm, so that was helping.  Walking round the corner we came across an amazing site of black neck geese in a huge huddle on the other side of the lake – their necks stretched proud and their heads turning this way and that to take in what was happening around them.  I don’t particularly like geese as they tend to chase people, that happened when the children were smaller, and it has subconsciously stuck in my mind.

The path looked as though it was going to take us a lot further than I felt I could walk and so I suggested we took a turning off the path and up the hill towards the big house, the grass was crunchy from the frostiness of the ice, but it was easier to walk on than onthe path.  Halfway up the hill, my husband asked how far I wanted to go – I said ‘here will be fine’ however the car was a lot further than that and so we had a two minute breather and then carried on up the hill.  

I’d been concentrating on doing the walk instead of being on a walk and as we approached a large tree, I felt I needed to rest again and turned around to see where we had been and how far we had come, the view was spectacular, green rolling fields as far as the eye could see, a church in the distance, a hill that looked like a small mountain and the parkland stretched on forever.  It was beautiful and magnificent.

I turned to look at the trees, I definitely have an affinity with trees and looked at the difference in all the trees around me, there were young trees, probably 5-10 years old and old trees, maybe up to 60 or 70 years old.  The young ones had such straight trunks, and their branches were very uniform, however the old tree next to us really caught my eye. 

I noticed that one of the branches was like an unwound corkscrew, the branch had begun it’s journey growing downwards and then had straightened itself for a while and then it had started to grow towards the sky and then outwards.  What I also realised was that none of the trees were the same, even though many were the same type of tree, they were all individual and they all had their own stories to tell, their growth, their moods even, the trials they had been through as they had been growing.  Very similar to humans really, we all grow differently, we all have our own personalities, we all have our place in this world, and we are all beautiful.

What are you resisting, I was resisting going out into the icily cold day to go for a walk I promised myself, I am so pleased I went for my walk that day and have been keeping up with a daily walk around our village, I feel at one with nature and renewed with energy again.

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