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Why I do what I do!

I was born over 50 years ago now, but I can still remember the feelings I had when Dad wasn't home, because he was out working. I would go to bed, with a promise that Dad would come and kiss me good night, but I had usually fallen asleep.

I don't blame my Dad for what he did, he did it to give us a better life, because he loved us and as a subcontractor back in the 60's you could work for a week and be out of a job and then onto the next one, he never knew where the work was going to be.

My Dad decided to take the 'safe' option and make sure he would always be able to look after his family and took on a permanent full time role as a joiner in a large mining engineering company and worked there for over 30 years.

However, he couldn't stop working for himself, helping other people out, he would work late at night, weekends, but we always had at least one week away on the South Coast and spent most weekends going off on adventures.

When I was growing up I always wanted my own business, but the time never seemed right. After being made redundant in September 2013, I thought this might be my last chance and so decided I had to give it a go and so Proud Bookkeeping opened it's doors to the sole traders and micro businesses of Yorkshire and beyond.

Do you want:

• more time to be at home with your children in the years they are growing up? - they never come back

• the time to spend with your wife/husband/partner while you still have the energy and before the arguments start ?
• the time to spend with your friends enjoying each other's company and the time to take a holiday? 

There was a saying I grew up with:

'Nobody looks back on their deathbed and wishes they had spent more time at work'.

So how can I help you to get that time back?

I am a Certified Bookkeeper with over 10 years experience in bookkeeping and 30 years knowledge of setting up systems in businesses that I have worked in and these have saved time and effort.

Let's get together and have a coffee

We can discuss your current systems and discover how you prefer to work; what you enjoy and what you put up with and then together we agree a strategy to change what you put up with and to speed up the processes that you work with.

Then if you feel you would rather someone else takes on the bookkeeping systems of your business then we will agree systems that need setting up in order for me to work in my office working on your bookkeeping.

Both of these choices will allow you to spend time on your business creating more income and allow you to do the things you want to do with family and friends


Why not give me a call on 01484 817916 or email