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Fight Club

Every day 7 teenagers and young adults are told they have Cancer!

I don't know about you but that is a very scary thought. How many young adults and teenagers do you know?

I became involved with the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust back in 2010 going along to their fundraising events, especially the Wine Tastings at
Hoults Wine Merchants, an event not to be missed. However, in 2013 when I was made redundant i decided that I would give 1 day a week to the Trust in their offices helping with admin and basically anything they needed. I became quite a dab hand at making up chocolate hampers for raffles.

As my business grew I wasn't always able to go into the office but still wanted to help and so in January 2014 I gave my first public speech on behalf of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust at a Birthday Party event for the
PA Hub in Leeds attended by over 120 PA's and their bosses. Luckily I had the lovely Jason Costello supporting me and encouraging me all the way. On the night we raised over £1500 between the Trust and Forget Me Not Hospice, but more than that I realised how many people didn't know how many teenagers were affected and how it affected them differently because they were going through the teenage years - cancer treatment doesn't work the same in teenagers as it does in young children and fully developed adults, and so the LCYCT raise funds to fund research into how treatments can be improved for teenagers.

I have now been to quite a few meetings including a presentation at Kirklees College to accept money from fundraisers and to explain about what the Trust is about and in 2015 I was honoured to become an Ambassador for this wonderful charity.

If you would like to know about the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust, you can visit their
website or give me a ring and I will gladly tell you more and how you can help with either time, skills or even money.

The Laura Crane Trust have just launched their Fight Club - a commercial partnership programme giving you lots of benefits including that warm fuzzy feeling that you are doing good, we will be holding regular Networking events, look out for the next one on Social Media or Eventbrite.

Update June 2023 - The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust have a new name