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The Art of Anti-Procrastination!

I think I have mastered it now

That is, how to master the urge to procrastinate that blogging provokes in me.  I've not written a blog for a while and to be honest it has been nagging me ...

Why don't I find the time to do it? Why don't I want to do it?

When a friend told me about her 'Café Friday' project and said that she was going to commit time each week to writing her book, and that she was going to take her small laptop and sit in a cafe and have coffee and cake at the same time, as motivation, it sounded like a really good idea. I immediately asked if I could join her!

We have to do it 'virtually', as I am in Barnsley and she is in Edinburgh. At 3pm once a week I will sit for an hour and write, I might not publish what I write but I will at least get into the habit of writing. 

I heard of an author who every morning got up and did three hours of writing. He did this to get himself into the routine of doing what he had to do, and so a book was formed and later published.  

Why do we procrastinate?

What is it that makes us so unsure of what we want to do, yet sure that we don't have the time or that what we need to do isn't important enough?

In my case it is fear, fear of no one reading it, worse still people reading it and hating it.  What if I get it wrong? What if it sounds stupid? Will I look daft? 

Do you ever feel this way too?

  • What are you procrastinating over now in your business?
  • Perhaps you're not doing your bookkeeping every week and you keep reading that you should be?
  • Perhaps you don't like doing bookkeeping because it takes you away from the creative things in life or time with your friends and family or your young children?
  • Perhaps you're not quite sure if you're doing it right or not?
  • Perhaps you don't even know where to start and the job now feels insurmountable?

I did it!

'Cafe Friday'

Perhaps you could have a 'Cafe Friday' for bookkeeping, as my friend does for her novel writing. 

Don't forget the coffee and cake ... motivate yourself and reward your efforts! 

Why not pop over to my Facebook page and ask me a question. You could put the questions that are coming up when you are sitting down with your bookkeeping to me, here.  I will try to ease those nagging doubts for you!