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Learning to Love Your Numbers

Is Bookkeeping an 11 letter word?        Or do you Love your numbers?

Do you shudder when someone mentions the word or do you scroll past every advert or post on social media and ignore it, do you know why you do this?  Is it because :

  • Bookkeeping is frightening or scary to you? 
  • Those brown envelopes make you shudder when they land on your doorstep? 
  • You worry that you’re doing it wrong? 
  • You’re too scared to look at the numbers because you’re scared you’ve bought too many things and you don’t want to see the final totals? 
  • You think it will take too long to do and you can catch up in the Christmas holidays when no-one is buying anything?

These are all things that we are told about at Proud Bookkeeping on a weekly basis when we are talking with creative makers and artists.  We understand that the fear is real and we are here to help you overcome those fears and help you fall in love with your numbers.  It won’t be an overnight thing, you didn’t get where you are now overnight, so you have to be realistic to know that it will take time, how much time – well how long is that piece of string you are holding and are you pulling on it or are you letting it go?

What if we told you we can hold your hand and help you overcome that fear of bookkeeping and that you will then know how to do it right, we’ll guide you where to put all those figures, what needs to go on an invoice, how you know when to register with the taxman for tax, national insurance and VAT and if you take on staff how to register for PAYE.

What if we told you that those brown envelopes are there to help you, even if they have got something bad in them, sometimes though they come with cheques in them for you to pay into your bank, now that can’t be a bad thing can it?

What if we told you that it’s normal for businesses to overspend when they are starting out or growing, that if you have the total of those expenses as well as the total of your sales you can know whether you have made a profit or loss, you’ll have the knowledge to work with to make it better. 

We can guide you with how to change your spending habits or look at what is causing the overspend and how it could be turned around into a profit by looking at what is really needed.

What if we told you that it only takes 5 – 10 mins a day to do your bookkeeping once you are on top of it, that if you are behind then you can start with your latest week or month and then work on previous weeks and months by doing an extra 5-10 mins a day.

We want to help you to love your numbers so you can get back to doing what you love the most - creating and and making your unique items.

So we will be putting resources on our website to make life easier for you.

Our first one is already there and is a sales invoice that you can download and make into your own, making you look more professional when you are selling to shops and galleries, we even explain what you need to do with it here